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New Chums Beach Walk – How to Visit in 2024

New Chums Beach Walk – How to Visit in 2024

Easily our favourite beach in New Zealand (and one of the best things to do in the Coromandel), New Chums Beach should be at the top of your list for your next trip to the Coromandel. Its seclusion and untouched beauty are attributable to its accessibility by short hike or boat only. 

The unfrequented cove with white sand is unlike a lot of the popular tourist destinations within the Coromandel.

How to Get to New Chums Beach

The walk to New Chums Beach is 1km long and takes approximately 30-40 minutes. The track begins at the Whangapoua – New Chums Carpark.

There are no toilet facilities at the car park or beach. This makes new Chums more ideal for a shorter visit, such as a few hours rather than a day trip. Remember to use the bathroom facilities at your hotel room or Air BnB prior to travelling to New Chums.

The Drive to Whangapoua and New Chums Beach

You’re likely heading to New Chums beach from either Coromandel town or Whitianga. From Coromandel, the car park is just a 24-minute drive away and 38 minutes from Whitianga.

For convenience and cost-efficiency, we recommend driving yourself to New Chums Beach. However, if you’re without a car there are various shuttle companies that will take you to the start of the walk. Coromandel Adventures offers a daily shuttle from Coromandel town for $95 return for adults and $55 return for children. The shuttle departs mid-morning at 11:15 am and returns from New Chums Beach Carpark at 2:15 pm.

New Chums Beach.

New Chums Beach Walk

Whangapoua – New Chums Carpark brings you near Whangapoua beach. New Chums Beach is located further north. The New Chums Beach walk brings you through classic Kiwi forest and there are slight uphills and downhills, so the walk would be less suited to very young children, or those with knee injuries. 

Follow the signs for ‘William Mangakahia Lagoon Reserve’. Time your visit for low tide, as you’ll have to cross through the stream to start the walk. Follow the shoreline which will be lined with rocks. The track is not maintained, but it is worn by walkers travelling to the beach. 

It will take 30-40 minutes to reach the beach. 

New Chums Beach Walk.

How to Get to New Chums Lookout

Partway along the William Mangakahia Lagoon Reserve walk to the beach is a detour to the New Chums Beach lookout. Although a steep uphill climb to the 72-metre summit, this view is 100% worth it, especially if you have already walked partway to the beach.

Photographing New Chums Beach

New Chums Beach and the Coromandel area are located on the east coast of New Zealand, meaning you’ll be able to see the sunrise from this side of the country. If you’re an avid photographer, get up bright and early for the perfect lighting from the New Chums Beach Lookout. Then, head down to enjoy the beach before the rest of the beachgoers wake up!

We’ve been to New Chums during sunny, summer days and also during more temperamental, moody days. The moodier days make for some great photography. It’s undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in New Zealand

Best Time to Visit New Chums Beach

If you’re travelling to Whangapoua or New Chums Beach in the middle of the summer, do so earlier in the morning or later in the afternoon. UV rays are harsh in New Zealand and there are few trees on the beach for shade, so if you do head to New Chums in the heat of the day, limit your visit to an hour or two at most.

The shoulder seasons are the best time to visit New Chums Beach as the sun isn’t too harsh, but it’s still warm enough for a dip in the sea. Especially after making the 30-minute walk to the beach itself!

New Chums Beach Walk Tides

Time your visit to align with the New Chums Beach low tide. Search this up on Google a day or two prior to your visit. This is because you will need to cross a stream at the start of the William Mangakahia Lagoon Reserve walk. It is not recommended to make the journey teo hours on either side of New Chums Beach High Tide.

View from the walk to New Chums Beach.

New Chums Beach Accommodation

Coromandel and Whitianga are the townships closest to New Chums Beach. 

Whitianga is a great place to stay for families and couples alike. Our favourite place is Wairua Lodge – Rainforest River Retreat. Following a day of exploring the Coromandel, relax in the evening here in luxury. It’s such a nice place we even included it on our guide to the best things to do in Whitianga!

New Chums Beach Camping

It’s currently not possible to go camping on New Chums Beach, however, Whangapoua Holiday Park is the nearest campsite located at Whangapoua Beach. 

Top 10 Holiday Parks are located all across New Zealand and are great places to stay during your visit to the Coromandel. There are two in Coromandel; Shelley Park Top 10 Holiday Park and Coromandel Top 10 Holiday Park. Choose between tent and caravan sites, wooden hut glamping and lodge accommodation.

New Chums Beach History

New Chums Beach is owned by New Zealand Coastal Trust after the private owners sold the 30ha land to the trust.

For kiwis and international travellers alike, this is a fantastic outcome as it comes after over a decade of developers attempting to attain consents to develop this beautiful piece of New Zealand’s coastline. The land is now publicly secured for everyone to enjoy for years to come.


Can dogs go to New Chums Beach?

No, dogs are prohibited from Wainuiototo and New Chums Beach at all times.

Can you swim at New Chums Beach?

Yes, visitors often swim during their trip to New Chums Beach.

Can you walk to New Chums Beach at high tide?

No, it is not recommended to walk to New Chums Beach at high tide. This is due to the walk partly being through an estuary and rocks. The best time to walk to New Chums Beach is two hours on either side of low tide.

What should you bring to New Chums Beach?

The walk to New Chums Beach from the car park is 30 minutes, so leave any heavy gear behind. Bring sunscreen, a hat, snacks, swimming togs, a towel and water to New Chums Beach. Remember, there are no facilities such as toilets or rubbish bins at New Chums Beach, so bring home whatever you bring with you.

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