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11 Best Hotels in Chiang Mai’s Old City – Places to Stay in 2024

11 Best Hotels in Chiang Mai’s Old City – Places to Stay in 2024

Chiang Mai is a popular destination in northern Thailand, largely due to its ancient old city where countless impressive temples can be found. Aside from temples, Chiang Mai is an amazing place where you can visit truly ethical elephant sanctuaries, explore nature and eat delicious (and affordable) food.

First timers to the city will find the ‘old city’ to be the ideal place to stay in Chiang Mai due to its close proximity to the city’s major attractions. Fortunately, there are a lot of great hotels in Chiang Mai’s Old City to choose from!

To make your decision easier, here are 11 of the best hotels in Chiang Mai, from luxury to budget. Each place on this list is perfectly located within the four walls of the old town.

Best Luxury Hotels in Chiang Mai

It’s great how you can easily find luxury hotels in Thailand at prices that would typically be considered normal back home.

There’s a number of amazing luxury hotels all around Chiang Mai, but when budgets not a concern, then make sure you stay in the old city. These hotels would typically be considered 5 star accommodation in Chiang Mai and offers amazing bang for your buck.

Despite the higher price tag, these boutique hotels are the best of the best and are great value for travellers willing to spend a little more to make their holiday truly special.

1. 99 The Heritage Hotel

Price:  ฿4,800 / $151 USD

Rating:  4.7

Location:  Very central location in the middle of Chiang Mai’s Old City.  Convenient to most attractions. Wat Phra Singh right outside. See on map.

99 The Heritage is a charming hotel located in the heart of Chiang Mai’s Old City.  The design is a mixture of new and old, with eclectic furniture scattered all around the hotel.  The hotel itself opened just in 2016, so everything is new.

The outside dining is stunning, with ponds and gardens on either side.  The pool is modern and private, ideal for relaxing at the end of the day or going for a dip to cool off.

It’s obvious that the aim of this hotel is to offer only the best experience to all of their customers.  The service is fantastic – make sure to ask them for local tours as they will be more than happy to sort them out for you.

If you are looking for a quiet, boutique hotel in the middle of the bustling Chiang Mai Old City, 99 The Heritage is the ideal choice.


  • Everything is very new, clean and well maintained
  • The staff are super helpful, willing to do anything to make your stay perfect
  • Located right next to one of our favourite temples in Chiang Mai

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2. The Inside House

Price:  ฿9,500 / $170 USD

Rating:  4.8

Location:  Excellent location for a relaxing stay, still with easy access to most attractions and eateries.  A bit further from the markets around Tha Phae Gate, but still easy to get to by taxi or by foot. See on map.

Stepping into The Inside House is like entering a business magnate’s mansion.  Everything is white and green, with stunning marble floorings and intricately detailed patterns carved throughout the entire hotel.

To us, the design itself is reminiscent of the beautiful white temple found in Chaing Rai.  Expect to see grand staircases and marble archways, with vining tropical plants hanging from the roofs.

The rooms are spacious, with floor to ceiling windows looking out over your own private plunge pools.  Every single detail of this hotel is flawless. 

The Inside House is the ultimate in luxury, surpassing anything else you can find in Chiang Mai’s Old City.  

The only other hotels that come close are located outside of the Old City, where you would be sacrificing the location of this hotel.


  • Everything here is perfect – amenities, staff and location
  • The marble and white wood design, combined with intricate carvings all around the hotel
  • Better location than all other hotels in its class in Chiang Mai

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3. Tamarind Village

Price:  ฿5,500 / $173 USD

Rating:  4.5

Location:  Close to Chiang Mai’s Tha Phae Gate.  Heaps of eateries and attractions nearby.  Markets sprawl the streets outside a few days each week. See on map.

At Tamarind Village you will find a beautiful Lanna-inspired hotel surrounding a giant tree and courtyard.  As you walk in, arched bamboo plants create a walkway leading to a lobby filled with beautiful art, sculptures and furniture.

The architecture and furnishings are designed in a historical, Thai style that blends into the Old City of Chiang Mai marvellously.  

The atmosphere is quiet and relaxed.  It is in the best location for exploring the Old City, or you can spend some time in luxurious comfort by the massive blue swimming pool.  

The staff here will be more than happy to assist you with finding activities to keep you busy, including guided tours and local flower weaving.


  • Great staff – make sure to ask them about local tours
  • Very peaceful atmosphere, it’s a nice way to escape the streets of Chiang Mai
  • Very handy location

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4. Rachamankha Boutique Hotel

Price:  ฿6,300 / $197 USD

Rating:  4.6

Location:  Great location near the Western gate of Chiang Mai’s Old City.  Quieter than the Eastern side, but lots of upmarket eateries nearby.  Easier access to Nimman and major attractions outside of the Old City. See on map.

As you walk into Rachamankha Boutique Hotel, large white pillars surround a meticulously maintained outdoor courtyard.  The interior is beautiful and designed in a more traditional style, yet maintaining a clean and luxurious atmosphere.

The food here is a highlight, especially make sure to eat outside in the courtyard where the atmosphere is peaceful and serene.  A nice respite from the busy street nearby.

Despite feeling like a peaceful oasis far from any city, Rachamankha is located conveniently right in the centre of Chiang Mai’s Old City, with hundreds of eateries, temples and attractions just a stone’s throw away.

There are just 25 rooms in Rachamankha, making it a quaint, boutique hotel ideal for couples or families looking to have a quiet holiday.  

Few places are of better value in Chiang Mai when it comes to luxury accommodation.


  • Stunning traditional architecture
  • Very peaceful and quiet
  • Delicious and fairly priced food

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5. Phra Singh Village

Price:  ฿9,200 / $288 USD

Rating:  4.7

Location:  Located in the Southwestern quadrant of Chiang Mai’s Old City.  Lots of nice places to eat, walking distance to most attractions. See on map.

Phra Singh Village is decidedly warm and cosy.  The entire hotel is designed with terracotta tiles and wood combined with white walls.  Lush greenery is sprinkled throughout with a variety of tropical plants giving the hotel a relaxing vibe.

The staff here treat you like royalty, focussing truly on ensuring your stay here is nothing shy of perfect.

The entire hotel is new and clean (having just opened in 2018), so you can expect spacious rooms with no hints of ageing decor.  

Thanks to its location in the heart of Chiang Mai’s Old Town, you will be free to explore by foot easily.  It is also fairly close to the Western gate, making it quite easy to reach the areas outside the Old City.

If you’re after one of the newest and most luxurious hotels in Chiang Mai, then you will be hard pressed to beat Phra Singh Village.


  • Beautiful, warm design with wooden accents and flooring
  • The staff will do anything to ensure your stay is perfect
  • All amenities are first class
  • Rooms are very large and spacious

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Best Mid-Range Hotels in Chiang Mai

In this price range, you’ll find accommodation that is just a step down from our luxury hotel picks above. These hotels are still beautiful and most go above and beyond what you would expect for their price. You’ll often get a lot more for your money in this price range in Chiang Mai vs Bangkok – unless you prefer high rises!

6. De Naga Hotel

Price:  ฿2,900 / $92 USD

Rating:  4.3

Location:  By the Eastern gate (Tha Phae Gate) of Chiang Mai’s Old City.  A popular area, near lots of eateries and easy access to markets around Tha Phae Gate. See on map.

Few hotels in Chiang Mai genuinely look as though they should be there.  De Naga Hotel is the exception.  Designed in a traditional Thai style, this hotel looks like it belongs next to the stunning temples scattered all around Chiang Mai’s Old City.

The rooms are nice and spacious with a slightly modern twist to the traditional look of the rest of the hotel.  

De Naga Hotel offers delicious food, though there are numerous eateries within short walking distance.  You will also be able to get to all of the attractions easily.

Markets run often and the stalls will extend from Tha Phae Gate through the streets outside De Naga hotel.


  • Location is very close to Tha Phae Gate
  • The traditional design is a nice change to the ultra-modern look of many hotels in the area

7. Makka Hotel Chiang Mai

Price:  ฿3,400 / $106 USD

Rating:  4.4

Location:  Near the centre of Chiang Mai’s Old City and close to Tha Phae Gate.  A popular location with plenty of eateries, temples and other attractions nearby. See on map.

Makka is a beautiful hotel with clean rooms and modern design.  It feels like an up-market, boutique hotel at a mid-range price.  This is thanks to the magnificent architecture where you walk in to find pitch black floors with white walls and ceilings.

Makka is in a fantastic location on the Eastern side of Chiang Mai’s Old City.  This put’s it in a prime spot for accessing the Sunday night markets, as well as the other markets throughout the week.

The shared areas including the dining areas and lobby are so beautiful you will be sure to snap plenty of pics.  This place is a truly beautiful and calm oasis within a bustling city.


  • The awesome architecture and interior design
  • Some of the friendliest staff – service here is on point

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8. U Chiang Mai Hotel

Price:  ฿3,600 / $114 USD

Rating:  4.6

Location:  Right in the middle of Chiang Mai’s Old City.  Very close to some of the best temples in the city, and easy walking distance to anywhere in the Old City. See on map.

U Chiang Mai has an ultra-modern design which lends itself to the luxurious nature of this hotel.  You won’t get a ‘traditional’ experience here, but it is still beautiful in its own way.  With sharp edges, stone floors and eclectic wallpapers throughout. 

This hotel feels far more upmarket than the price suggests, illustrating the great value of accommodation in Thailand.

The location is handily right in the centre of the Old City.  It’s easy to walk to countless eateries, supermarkets, ATMs and temples.  

The staff are incredibly friendly and attentive, going out of their way to help you with anything you require.


  • The modern design
  • Very clean rooms with excellent service
  • Helpful location right in the centre of the city

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Cheap Hotels in Chiang Mai

Thailand has accommodation to suit all budgets. Many travellers are looking for some of the luxuries of a hotel, but at more affordable prices.

These cheap hotels in Chiang Mai old city are mostly high-end guest houses or hostels that go the extra mile to provide a hotel-esque experience for cheap.

If you’re on a budget, these are the best value hotels in Chiang Mai. They are all clean, conveniently located, modern and have great customer service.

9. Nai Wiang

Price:  ฿1,200 / $38 USD

Rating:  4.8

Location:  Near the centre of Chiang Mai’s Old City.  At times, markets line the street right outside. See on map.

Nai Wiang is a ‘poshtel’ located in the middle of Chiang Mai’s Old City.  It is our number one pick for value accommodation in Chiang Mai.

The rooms here are super clean and, contrary to some reviews, more than big enough if you’re just sleeping here.  Wifi works well and the staff really go out of their way to ensure you have a great experience.

You’ll be within easy walking distance to all of the temples in Chiang Mai’s Old City.  There’s a small market outside every day, as well as the larger ones a few times a week.

It has a small, boutique feel that is not at all like a hostel.  Bear in mind that it is a very quiet hotel. You will be unlikely to meet other travellers.

We’ve found that travelling on a budget in Southeast Asia does require sacrificing a few luxuries.  In this case, Nai Wiang does not have an elevator. Expect a few flights of stairs. This wasn’t really a problem for us.


  • Perfect location
  • The staff genuinely go out of their way to help and speak pretty good English
  • Clean and quiet

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10. Rendezvous Classic House

Price:  ฿1,100 / $35 USD

Rating:  4.4

Location:  Near the Southern gate of Chiang Mai’s Old City.  Quieter area, but near plenty of good eateries and Nong Buak Hard Park. See on map.

Rendezvous Classic House is a lovely hotel in Chiang Mai’s Old City.  The rooms here are very spacious and luxurious, despite the low price.  

There’s an outdoor pool here which is a nice addition, as well as great breakfasts.  The staff go well out of their way to ensure you have a great stay.

We would recommend this hotel to budget-minded family travellers as it has all the amenities of a quality hotel and is within easy walking distance to everywhere you need to go.

Rendezvous Classic House is very popular and sells out quickly, so we would recommend booking well in advance.


  • Delicious breakfasts
  • Great location – restaurants and markets nearby
  • Very helpful staff

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11. Green Tiger House

Price:  ฿1,700 / $55 USD

Rating:  4.7

Location:  Near the Northern Gate of Chiang Mai’s Old City.  Quiet location but still near enough to walk to all of the attractions. See on map.

Green Tiger House is a great hotel in Chiang Mai with a beautiful pool and decked outdoor area.  Breakfast and food here are delicious and it’s pleasant to be able to sit outside by the pool with a cocktail to cool off at the end of the day.

The neighbourhood is quiet and the staff are extremely attentive and hospitable.

Rooms and bathrooms are clean.  Some have nice views and luxurious bathrooms (which contrasts a lot of accommodation in this price range).  The design is an adorable juxtaposition of modern and traditional Thai culture.


  • Great outdoor area and pool
  • Very hospitable staff
  • Beautifully designed building and rooms

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